Garbage disposal Power Plant Technology

With today’s advanced technology, the Garbage Power Plant will convert waste into electricity with high efficiency, do not emit odors, reduce pollutant emissions, reduce the rate of landfilled waste to less than 3%, make full use of solid waste. organic fertilizer to produce high quality organic fertilizer (returns organic matter to the soil).
In addition, the factory also makes use of ash and slag to produce unburnt bricks, leachate to generate electricity, especially the emissions from the factory meeting European standards (EU2000) with an online monitoring system 24/24. However, when investing in a garbage power plant, we often encounter:
Garbage electricity is a useful way to use waste
The product is electricity and steam
The technology depends on the composition of the municipal solid waste and the specific conditions of the area
Garbage power plants are more expensive than landfills
There is always a residue that needs to be disposed of
Garbage electricity requires fulfillment of prerequisites
Garbage electricity needs government support and control
Garbage electricity needs to be accepted by the people