1. Information about the website owner  

  • Copyright © 2018 cpacorp.vn
  • CPA Construction Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Business registration number: 4201782918 – Date of issue: March 20, 2018
  • Electricity operating license number: 260/GP-DTDL – Date of issue: July 19, 2019
  • Construction activities capacity certificate number: KHH-00023341 – Date of issue: December 10, 2019
  • Issuing agency: Khanh Hoa Department of Planning and Investment
  • Address: 2nd Floor, VCN Building, Vinh Diem Trung Urban Area, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.
  • Email: info@cpacorp.vn

2. Business regulations

CPA Construction Investment Joint Stock Company – Business registration and tax registration certificate number: 4201782918 , issued on: March 20, 2018.

Business form: CPA Construction Investment Joint Stock Company does business in two forms as follows:

Customers visit the website: https://cpacorp.vn to view and select products and services. And can purchase in 2 forms:

1- Purchase Goods or confirm service provision on the electronic website.

2- Find out company address information to contact to order or provide services.

The system includes headquarters and offices:

Head office: 2nd Floor, VCN Building, Vinh Diem Trung Urban Area, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province.

Note : CPA Construction Investment Joint Stock Company only guarantees the quality of goods and services when the customer signs a contract to provide those goods and services with the Company, and the Company provides full financial invoices. warranty card, product CO/CQ, etc. (The company does not apply to sell and provide services without a contract).

I –  Company sales policy:

The selling price listed on the website (Website) is the selling price including VAT. The selling price is unified at a single price nationwide. All sold goods are issued VAT financial invoices (customers contact the Company directly on the website to request an invoice for the business, if any).

  • Website Sales Price (if announced) only guarantees delivery in Khanh Hoa province, orders outside the above area will have to pay additional shipping fees depending on the area. For details, contact hotline: 02586288399
  • Payment by cash or registered credit cards applicable nationwide.
  • Payment by registered credit cards applicable to purchases on the website.
  • Note: Bank transfer for payments greater than 20 million VND.

a) General terms and agreements:

Please read carefully and make sure you agree with the agreements below.

When accessing and purchasing, it means you have accepted our agreements below. We may change prices, information, interface, etc. on the Website at any time without prior notice.

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Purchase content
  • Submit order information

We offer free delivery for orders within a 10km radius of the city center. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. In addition to the above conditions, shipping costs will depend on the address and shipping service package you choose.

Our order processing and goods preparation time is usually 1 day, so the time to receive your goods will add 1 day of processing.

As soon as the order is shipped, we will email the bill of lading number and link so you can track the shipping progress. When receiving the goods, please carefully check the product before signing the delivery note and paying for the goods (if you choose payment upon receipt).

Total delivery time is 1-4 working days, depending on the shipping package you choose when making payment.

b) Contact information:

If you have any questions related to this agreement or terms, please contact us via email https://cpacorp.vn or  call directly to hotline:  02586288399 .

II- Delivery policy:

  • For items that are available M&E equipment: purchased online, will be delivered within 3 working days from when we receive payment to the company’s account.
  • For items that must be manufactured or used imported equipment: will be delivered within a period of time specifically determined by each order from the time we receive payment to the company’s account. company, and at the same time the Customer has approved the detailed production drawings (shop drawing).

III –  Exchange/return and refund policy:

  • Exchanges/returns are only made for official purchase invoices at the Company or on the website: https://cpacorp.vn
  • The validity period for exchanging/returning goods is  03 weeks (21 days) from the date you receive the goods.

a) How to return goods?   

Before returning a product to the company, please review our Return Policy to ensure your product is eligible for return. Then simply follow these simple steps. following simplicity:

    • Send us return registration information (specify invoice number, date of purchase, copy of warranty card). Please send to the Company’s email:  info@cpacorp.vn

    • Pack the product with purchase invoice + return registration form with signature and clearly state personal information on the form.
    • Send it back to the CPA company via Email  info@cpacorp.vn  or via delivery service.

b) Return and refund policy at CPA:

CPA’s exchange/return policy allows customers to return one/several products in an order, and can choose to receive a refund or exchange for a replacement product. However, we have a few simple requirements in making exchanges/returns for you.

The following are general requirements for exchanging/returning goods (except for some products with other special regulations clearly stated in the product information section or/and in the return policy section: Validity period for Exchange/return is  03 weeks  (21 days) from the date you receive the goods.

    • You still keep  confirmation of your purchase  at CPA (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement, etc.)
    • The product is not on the return-restricted list (listed in the answer below)
    • The product must still have original stamps, labels, and packaging intact (except in cases where the product is defective or damaged during transportation).

At CPA, we always want to bring you absolute trust and satisfaction from product quality to customer service. Therefore, within 03 weeks (21 days) from the date of receipt, if you feel unsatisfied with your product for any reason, whether personal wishes or objective reasons, We are very ready to assist you in exchanging/returning goods.

c) Required conditions when returning goods at CPA:

Please refer to the return policy and comply with the following mandatory conditions: The product must be accompanied by a purchase invoice at CPA nationwide (provide an electronic invoice number). Products in the list Items that can be returned or exchanged. Products with a Purchase Invoice from the CPA company that are still within 21 days are allowed to be exchanged/returned. The product must have no signs of use.

d) Time to receive exchange/return results:

Sending replacement products or refunds will only begin after we have completed checking and evaluating the product you sent back. This product quality assessment process may require approximately 1 working week.

It has been more than 3 weeks (21 days) since the date of receipt, can I return the goods?

The product return/exchange period has expired; Therefore, unfortunately we cannot fulfill your request.

e) Does CPA pay shipping fees for returned products?

Shipping fees/EMS fees when returning products for exchange/return to CPA are paid by the customer to the shipping unit. CPA does not refund these exchange/return costs to you.

IV- Warranty/maintenance policy:

To satisfy customers before and after purchase, CPA company will warranty products nationwide for 12 months (except for products with a longer period according to the manufacturer), and have customer care policies. attentive and dedicated customer. Therefore, while using the product, if you encounter any problems due to technical errors, customers can contact directly: 02586288399 for technical support as soon as possible. Product regulations Warranty Products are warranted when the following conditions are met:

  • The product is still under warranty and has warranty registration (from the date recorded on the purchase invoice).
  • Must have warranty card from CPA Company.
  • The warranty card number written on the product and on the warranty card must be the same.
  • The product is damaged by components in the electrical cabinet or by the manufacturer.

Warranty time: From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays

Warranty location: Office of CPA Construction Investment Joint Stock Company

Address: 2nd Floor, VCN Building, Vinh Diem Trung urban, Vinh Hiep Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

V- Commitment to protecting customer personal information:

Please read the “Privacy Policy” below to better understand the commitments we make to respect and protect the rights of visitors:

Purpose and scope of personal information collection:

a) Purpose:

The information collected through the website https://cpacorp.vn will help us:

    • Support customers when purchasing products and services.
    • Answer customer questions.
    • Provide customers with the latest information on our Website.
    • Review and upgrade the content and interface of the Website.
    • Carry out promotional activities related to our products and services.

b) Scope:

  • We collect information both nationally and internationally
  • To access and use some services at https://cpacorp.vn, you may be asked to register with us personal information (Email, Full name, Contact number…). All declared information must ensure accuracy and legality. https://cpacorp.vn does not bear any responsibility related to the law of declared information.
  • We may also collect information about the number of visits, including the number of pages you view, the number of links you click and other information related to the connection to https://cpacorp.vn.
  • We also collect information that the Web browser (Browser) you use every time you access the website https://cpacorp.vn, including: IP address, Browser type, language used, time and other information. The address that the Browser accesses.

Scope of use of personal information:

  • CPA collects and uses your personal information for appropriate purposes and fully complies with the content of this “Privacy Policy”.
  • When necessary, we can use this information to contact you directly in the form of: sending open letters, orders, thank you letters, technical and security information, customers. You can receive periodic mail providing new product and service information, information about upcoming events or recruitment information if you sign up to receive email notifications.

Information storage time:

  • Except for the cases of Personal Information Use as stated in this policy, we commit not to disclose your personal information to the public and our information storage period is 12 months.
  • In some cases, we may hire an independent unit to conduct market research projects and your information will then be provided to this unit to conduct the project. This third party will be bound by a confidentiality agreement under which they are only allowed to use the information provided for the purpose of completing the project.
  • We may disclose or provide your personal information in the following cases:
    • When requested by law enforcement agencies;
    • In cases where we believe it will help us protect our legitimate rights before the law;
    • Emergency and necessary situations to protect the personal safety of other https://cpacorp.vn members.

Address of the company that collects and manages personal information:

  • We always welcome your comments, contacts and feedback about this “Privacy Policy”.
  • If you have related questions, please contact us at Email:  Info@cpacorp.vn
  • Head office: Group 12, Vinh Diem Thuong, Vinh Hiep, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province.

Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data:

  • We store and process your personal information on servers, we protect it with physical and electronic protection measures including: firewalls, data encryption and procedures applied according to regulations. regulations of information security law.
  • The CPA firm enforces physical access controls to information, and we only authorize access to personal information to those employees who need it to fulfill their job responsibilities within the customer care system. row.

VI.Commitment to personal information security:

  • When you send your personal information to us, you agree to the terms we stated above. https://cpacorp.vn commits to protecting your personal information in every possible way. can. We will use many different information security technologies such as: international standards PCI, SSL,… to protect this information from being retrieved, used or disclosed unintentionally.
  • However, due to technical limitations, no data can be transmitted over the internet that can be 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot make a firm commitment that the information you provide to us will be kept absolutely secure, and we cannot be responsible in case of access. unauthorized use of your personal information such as cases where you arbitrarily share information with others…. If you do not agree to the terms as described above, we recommend that you do not send information to us.
  • Therefore, cpacorp.vn also recommends that you keep information related to your access password confidential and should not share it with anyone else.
  • If you use a computer with many people, you should log out, or exit all open Website windows.

3. Policy on product and service quality, including: 

3.1. Product:                                                                         

  • Condition of Goods: All Goods are 100% new, unused, free of defects, cracks, or rust; in accordance with Vietnam’s current technical standards and must conform to the Buyer’s construction requirements.
  • Technical and quality standards: Goods must ensure the correct type, specification, quantity, material and origin as specified in each Contract; guaranteed to comply with the Manufacturer’s technical and quality standards and the Purchaser’s construction requirements or manufactured according to the Purchaser’s Drawings.

3.2 Services:

  • Services provided by the Company (design consulting, supervision, project management…): Must comply with the Investor’s requirements, legal documents, relevant specialized agreements, and meet progress. commitment stated in the service provision contract.
  • Strictly comply with relevant legal documents and specialized standards and regulations.

4. Documents for acceptance and handover of products and services:

4.1. Product:   

The Company must provide Goods Acceptance Documents to the Buyer upon handing over the Goods, including the following basic documents:

  • Original Goods warranty card;
  • Original Goods delivery note;
  • Copy of the Manufacturer’s Goods quality certificate;
  • Copy of the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin and Release of the Goods;
  • Original valid Value Added Invoice for Shipment;
  • Original Goods delivery note signed by the Buyer’s representative;
  • Original or certified copy of other documents related to the Goods (if any).

4.2 Services:

  • Together with the customer, accept the product and service including consulting records, project management records, supervision logs, etc. and sign the acceptance record to submit to the higher level Acceptance Council (if any). .
  • Receive corrections and return the complete set of documents to the Customer (if required).

5. Information exchange:

  • Notices, documents of approval, certificates, decisions, etc. are given in writing and transmitted to the Receiving Party by post, fax, or email at the addresses specified in the Contract by the Parties.
  • In case either Party changes its contact address, it must notify the other Party to ensure information exchange. If one Party changes its address without notifying the other Party, the changing Party must bear all consequences resulting from the change of address without notification.

6. Rights and obligations of the parties:

6.1 Product and service provider (CPA Company):

  • Refuse to perform unreasonable work outside the content of the Contract and illegal requests of the Buyer.
  • Have the right to request the Buyer to pay on time.
  • Ensure that all CPA work performed under the Contract must be in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  • Perform services according to the agreed content and workload, complying with regulations on the application of Vietnam’s mandatory regulations and standards.
  • Implement and take responsibility for the quality of your products and services. Products and services must be performed by qualified experts according to the provisions of law, effective and in accordance with the Buyer’s requirements to complete the project. CPA will always support and protect the interests and legal rights of the Buyer.
  • Submit reports and documents to the Buyer in the quantity and time specified in the Contract. CPA fully and promptly informs all information related to the work that may delay or prevent the completion of the work on schedule and proposes solutions for implementation.
  • Responsible for completing the work on schedule and delivering the Contract products to the Buyer.
  • CPA arranges and arranges staff with the necessary experience and capacity to perform the work.
  • All final products delivered to the Buyer must be in accordance with the Contract, have sufficient legal basis and be accepted by the Buyer. The final delivered product under the Contract will be the property of the Buyer.
  • CPAs must arrange their own transportation, meals, and accommodation when working away from their headquarters and ensure labor safety for their employees (except for separate agreements, if any).
  • Check and confirm the accuracy of all figures used in project documents.
  • Provide CPA’s capacity profile to the Buyer upon request.

6.2 Party purchasing products and services (Buyer):

  • Own and use products and services according to the Contract.
  • Do not accept products or services that do not meet the quality according to the Contract.
  • Check the CPA’s contract related work if necessary.
  • Request modifications and additions to products and services (if any).
  • Suspend implementation or request termination of the Contract according to regulations if the CPA violates the Contract or is behind schedule (specific provisions in the Contract).
  • Guide CPA on project-related content.
  • Pay CPA the entire contract value in accordance with the agreed provisions of the Contract.
  • Appoint individuals with sufficient qualifications and expertise appropriate to each job to work with the CPA and accept the completed product.

7. CPA’s human resources:

  • CPA’s human resources must be qualified, have a practicing certificate (if required), professional qualifications, and experience appropriate to their profession and work and in accordance with regulations on competency conditions. force in construction and commercial law.

  • The Buyer has the right to request the CPA to replace personnel if that person does not meet the Buyer’s requirements or does not comply with the personnel profile in the Contract. In this case, the CPA must send a written notice to the Buyer within 03 days from the date of receiving the Buyer’s request for personnel change. Unless otherwise agreed, all costs arising from personnel changes are borne by the CPA. The remuneration level for replacement personnel must not exceed the remuneration level for the person being replaced.

  • CPA can adjust personnel’s working hours if necessary but does not increase the contract price. Other adjustments will only be made when approved by the Buyer.

  • CPA organizes work implementation according to the agreed schedule. Working hours, overtime, working hours, holidays, etc. comply with the Labor Code. CPAs are not allowed to charge additional overtime costs (the contract price includes overtime costs).

8. Risks and force majeure:

  • Risk is the risk of negative effects on the performance of the Contract. The Parties must assess risks, develop their own risk management plans and risk management options.
  • Force majeure is a risk event that cannot be resisted when it occurs such as: earthquake, storm, flood, tornado, tsunami, landslide or volcanic activity, war.
  • When one of the force majeure events occurs, the affected party must notify the other party in writing. At that time, failure to perform obligations due to force majeure will not be considered a violation of Contract obligations and either Party may terminate the Contract or otherwise agree.

9. Temporary suspension of the Contract:

9.1. Suspension of the contract by the Buyer:

  • If the CPA fails to perform its obligations under the Contract, the Buyer may issue a notice to suspend all or part of the CPA’s work, but the Buyer must clearly state the CPA’s fault and request the CPA to perform and repair it. errors within a specific reasonable period of time, and at the same time the CPA must compensate the Buyer for damages due to temporary suspension of work.

If the CPA does not ensure the progress of the Contract (exceeds the provisions in the Contract).

9.2. Suspension of contract by  CPA:

If the Buyer fails to perform its obligations and fails to pay according to the terms agreed in the Contract more than 10 days from the payment due date, after notifying the Buyer, the CPA may suspend the work ( or reduce work rate).

After the Buyer has performed its obligations under the Contract, the CPA must resume normal business as soon as practicable.

If costs are incurred as a result of a temporary suspension of work (or a reduction in the rate of work) under this clause, the CPA must notify the Purchaser for consideration. After receiving the notice, the Buyer reviews and comments on the mentioned issues.

Before temporarily suspending the performance of work in the Contract, one Party must notify the other Party in writing, clearly stating the reason for temporary suspension of work. The two Parties jointly negotiate a solution to continue implementing the Contract.

10. Termination of the Contract:

10.1. Termination of the Contract by the Buyer :

The Buyer may terminate the Contract after 5 days from the date of sending the Contract termination document to the CPA. The Buyer will have the right to terminate the Contract if:

  • CPA cannot correct serious errors that CPA cannot fix in the performance of its duties within (number of days specifically specified in the Contract) from the date of receipt of the Buyer’s notice of errors. that’s left.
  • CPA does not have a legitimate reason for not continuing to perform the work, or for 05 consecutive days not performing the work according to the Contract or behind the contract schedule within 10 days from the date the two Parties signed the Contract.
  • Transfer of the Contract without the Buyer’s consent.
  • The CPA refused to comply with the final decision reached through arbitration.
  • CPA intentionally presented the Buyer with untrue documents that affected the rights, obligations and interests of the Buyer.
  • Case of force majeure.
  • After terminating the Contract, the Buyer can hire another Third Party to continue the work. The Purchaser and this Third Party may use any documents obtained by the Purchaser without any claim by the CPA regarding such use.

10.2. Termination of Contract by  CPA:

CPA may terminate the Contract but must notify the Buyer in writing at least 05 days in advance in the following cases:

  • After 15 consecutive days, work is stopped due to the Buyer’s fault.
  • The Buyer does not pay the CPA according to the Contract and is not subject to dispute after 10 days from the date the Buyer receives all valid payment documents.
  • The Buyer fails to comply with the final decision reached through arbitration.
  • As a result of a force majeure event, the CPA is unable to perform a significant part of the work for a period of not less than 10 days.
  • Upon termination of the Contract, the rights and obligations of the Parties will terminate except for the dispute resolution clause.
  • When either Party terminates the Contract, immediately upon sending or receiving the contract termination document, the CPA will take the necessary steps to finish the work quickly and try to minimize costs. .

11. Complaints and dispute resolution:

  • When one Party discovers that the other Party has performed incorrectly or failed to perform its obligations according to the Contract, it has the right to request the other Party to perform in accordance with the content of the signed Contract. At that time, the discovering Party has the right to complain to the other Party about this content. The other party must provide specific grounds and evidence to clarify the content of the complaint within 5 days. If the grounds and evidence are not reasonable, the other Party’s complaints must be accepted.
  • Within 05 days from the date of discovering contents inconsistent with the signed Contract, the discovering Party must immediately notify the other Party about those contents and make a complaint about these contents. Beyond this time period, if neither Party has a complaint, the Parties must comply with the signed agreements.
  • Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, the Party receiving the complaint must accept the complaint or provide grounds and evidence that the other Party’s complaint is inappropriate. accordance with the signed Contract. Beyond this time period, if the Party receiving the complaint has no opinion, it will be considered to have accepted the contents of the complaint made by the other Party.
  • When a dispute arises during the implementation of the Contract, the Parties will try to negotiate to resolve it through conciliation.
  • In case there is a dispute that cannot be resolved by the above method within 30 (thirty) days from the date the dispute arises or another time limit determined by the Parties when the dispute arises, either Party may The right to bring the dispute to the local Economic Court stated in the Contract to request resolution. The Court’s decision is final and binding on both Parties. All costs related to dispute resolution will be borne by the losing party.
  • A void or terminated contract does not affect the validity of the dispute resolution provisions.