Son Long – Son Hoa – Phu Yen wind power plant

The project construction site is in Son Long commune, Son Hoa district, Phu Yen province. Total survey area is about 1783ha
Currently in the survey area with the area of Tuy An district, this area will be excluded from arranging the project’s items.

The project’s planned land has a survey area of ​​about 1783 ha, including many types of land with different uses: land for perennial crops, land for growing crops.
Every other year, the land is unused and part of the area is rural land, river and lake land.
Currently, the economic potential of hydroelectricity exploitation in Vietnam has reached its limit. According to the approved revised Power Plan VII, after 2017 there is no more
hydroelectric power plant projects including small hydroelectricity have been built, except for some hydropower plant projects implemented in Laos and Cambodia. From 2019 Vietnam
Nam has to develop 4 projects of stored hydroelectric power plants to reach 5700MW by 2030 to make up for the shortfall in capacity.
Oil-fired power plant projects are not encouraged to develop due to high electricity costs while gas-fired power plants are likely to be behind schedule and have no development direction due to supply constraints.
This project is a project that uses renewable and clean energy, does not emit greenhouse gases, does not cause environmental pollutants, is applied in an area with great wind energy potential, has high potential high exam.
If environmental, social and human health costs are reflected in the economics of power generation, wind power can be competitive with fossil fuel electricity.
Wind power brings more benefits than clean energy. The cost of wind power is stable and not affected by the volatility of fossil fuels. Wind power helps create jobs for localities, increasing income in localities with wind power plants. Since wind is an inexhaustible source, its contribution to energy security is far different from fossil fuels, which are non-renewable.
Moreover, after the Son Long Wind Power Plant project comes into operation, this place will be a prominent place to create new landscapes, attract tourists, and contribute to the overall development strategy of Phu Yen province.