Leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and EVN work in Laos on importing electricity from Laos to Vietnam

In the days of April 8-11, 2022, General Director of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Tran Dinh Nhan attended the delegation of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Vietnam to visit and work officially with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Trade, Ministry of Energy and Mines Lao People’s Democratic Republic in Vientiane Capital (Lao PDR), on the import of electricity from Laos to Vietnam.

The visit and work of the delegation took place in the days approaching the traditional New Year of the Lao people, in a warm atmosphere, imbued with friendship and cooperation between the two peoples, between friends and fellow countrymen. working together in the industry and trade of the two countries.

General Director Tran Dinh Nhan attended the meeting between the Minister of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the Minister of Mines and Energy of Laos, attended the 12th Conference on Cooperation and Development of Border Trade between Vietnam and Laos. , attended the Laos Business Forum – Vietnamin the energy and mining sectors, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade visited and worked at Laos Electricity Corporation and Phongsubthavy Group – two enterprises currently with a total capacity of Power plants are sold to Vietnam the most.

Speaking at the conference, General Director Tran Dinh Nhan expressed his appreciation of the Electricity of Vietnam Group for the efforts of Lao enterprises in investing in building power plants in Laos. electricity to Vietnam, as a result, so far, 3 hydroelectric plants have been put into commercial operation and sold electricity to Vietnam with a total capacity of 572MW; 1,608MW from 22 other power plants have signed Power Purchase Agreements, are currently under construction and will sell electricity to Vietnam before 2025; 509MW has been approved by the Government for the purchase of electricity, is currently negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement with EVN and 1,577 MW from 10 other power plants has been agreed upon by EVN on the connection plan and the power purchase policy. Ministry of Industry and Trade to report to the Prime Minister for approval. Thus, by the end of 2025, the ability to buy and sell electricity between Vietnam and Laos is likely to reach more than 4,000MW, exceeding the target set in the Memorandum of Understanding between the two governments in 2016.

EVN General Director Tran Dinh Nhan also suggested that Lao enterprises ensure the investment progress and put into commercial operation of power plants according to the committed schedule in the Power Purchase Agreements. On the side of EVN, the General Director promised two Ministers and Lao enterprises that EVN will drastically direct the units to ensure the progress of investment in connection lines in the territory of Vietnam to receive electricity from EVN. projects to Vietnam according to the committed schedule. Emphasizing at the forum, EVN General Director Tran Dinh Nhan also made a proposal to the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province, a province bordering Vietnam and Laos, interested in helping to fulfill the goal of land conversion. forest for the expansion of the 500kV Dak Ooc substation and the connecting line in the second quarter of 2022, ensuring the goal of receiving electricity from the Nam Eamoun hydropower plant on schedule, completing the goal of converting the forest use purpose for the 500kV transmission line. Monsoon – Thach My in 2022, ensure to put the Power Purchase Agreement of Monsoon 600MW Wind Power Plant into effect.

At the conference, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Laos Minister of Energy and Mines, leaders of Lao enterprises, General Director of EVN Tran Dinh Nhan  also proposed a number of recommendations to the Minister of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in the meeting. removing difficulties and obstacles, further promoting cooperation between the two countries Laos – Vietnam in the field of electricity; especially, it is necessary to soon develop and submit to the Prime Minister of Vietnam for promulgation the price bracket for importing electricity from Laos to Vietnam in the period after 2025 for all types of power generation.

According to evn.com.vn

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