Supervision consulting of 22kV feeder at 110kV Xuan Tho substation

General introduction of the project and bidding package:

Project name: 22KV transmission line at Xuan Tho station.

Package name: Package 02: Supervision of construction and installation of equipment for the 22KV transmission line at Xuan Tho station.

Contract implementation time: 240 days from the effective date of the contract (in which the monitoring time depends on the construction progress)

Scope of work and tasks the contractor needs to perform:

Content and scale of construction investment:

New construction and renovation of routes 472 and 474 Xuan Tho (along Highway 20 from pillars 472&474/01 – 110kV Xuan Tho XDM substation to existing pillar 473/DL1/292 – Tram Hanh commune).

– Structure: 3-phase 4-wire overhead line.

– Number of roads: 02 roads (1 existing road 474 renovated and upgraded & 1 road 472 XDM).

– Voltage: 22kV.

– Length of newly built or renovated overhead lines: 9,265m.

– New planting post positions: 125 positions.

– Reusable pillar positions: 109 positions.

– Cable type:

+ Overhead line: Use AC240/32 cable for phase wire and AC185/29 for neutral wire and ACX95/16 for line phase wire to upgrade additional wire sections.

– Pillar type: Use BTLT-14m(650kgf) pillar; BTLT-16m(920kgf);

– Pillar foundation: Use M14(16)-BT foundation; M14(16)-BT(K).

– Beams, struts: Use hot-dip galvanized steel beams as follows:

Item Name of beam and use of beam Code
1 Straight support bar set – L75x75x8 – 2.0m ĐTL(2/3) 2.0 ĐTL(2/3) 2.0
2 Straight support beam set – L75x75x8 – 2.0m ĐTL(3/3)2.0 ĐTL(3/3)2.0
3 Corner support bar set – L75x75x8 – 2.0m ĐGL(2/3)2.0 ĐGL(2/3)2.0
4 Corner support bar set – L75x75x8 – 2.0m ĐGL(3/3) 2.0 ĐGL(3/3) 2.0
5 Set of double beams with offset angles L75x75x8 – 2.0m – NGL2/3(1) 2.0 NGL2/3(1) 2.0
6 Set of double corner beams L75x75x8 – 2.0m – NGL2/3(2) 2.0 NGL2/3(2) 2.0
7 Set of double corner beams L75x75x8 – 1.6m – NTG1.6 NTG1.6
8 Corner pull up bar set – L75x75x8 – 2.4m   NG 2.4 NG 2.4

– Insulation and accessories: Use vertical ceramic and hanging ceramic Polymer – 24kV, neutral wire uses ceramic spool.

– Starting point: First column of line No. 472&474/01 – Xuan Tho 110kV substation.

– Final match: Columns 472&474/234 (existing 473/DL1/292).

– Route direction: Newly built and renovated 22kV line line belonging to XT 472&474 Xuan Tho 110kV station, newly built 1 circuit and renovated and upgraded 1 circuit from 472&474XT/01 to location 472&474/234 (location 473/292/ Existing DL1) length L=9,265m, of which XT 472 XT474 reuses the 3ACX95 wire of the existing XT473 DL1, adding a new 3ACX95 wire. The route mainly follows National Highway 20 on the existing XT 473-E1 corridor. The route area is in the communes of Xuan Tho, Xuan Truong, Tram Hanh, Da Lat City.

– Grounding: 03 16 galvanized steel piles 2.4m long with mats + galvanized 10 round iron wire, welded and anti-rust painted at the connection positions between galvanized iron mats.

The work of supervision consultants

+ Carry out construction supervision and calibration testing for the Project in accordance with the current Law on construction quality management, comply with the regulations on Construction Supervision Regulations and acceptance of the project and according to the signed contract;

+ Organize acceptance of construction work;

+ Participate in acceptance of construction parts and construction stages;

+ Participate in acceptance of completed construction items and works put into use;

+ Participate in the Investor Level Acceptance Council.

Specific tasks of TVGS contractors:

– The contractor is responsible for supervising all construction items and installation of equipment and materials in the project. Contractors must meet the following requirements:

General tasks:

The selected construction supervision contractor must have proposals on supervision solutions and procedures for controlling quality, volume, progress, labor safety, environmental protection, inspection and testing procedures. collection, measures to manage documents and records during the supervision process and other necessary content

Check and monitor the quality of supplies and materials used for the project and the suitability of construction equipment and human resources of the construction contractor compared to the Contract signed with Party A such as: origin of materials materials and responsiveness of the contractor’s construction equipment and machinery before being put into construction (for machinery that requires inspection); the contractor’s human resources to execute the project (arrangement of technical staff, safety officers, site commanders…);

Check for defects (if any) of equipment, supplies and materials during construction.

Check the elevation and location of construction items in accordance with the design drawings.

Maintain records of experimental data and monitor actual progress.

Promptly provide all information related to disputes, compensation and relevant facts.

According to time regulations, report to the engineer in charge of the construction and installation supervision departments of the above work.

Contents of construction quality supervision:

Contents of construction supervision and equipment installation supervision according to Article 19. Decree No. 06/2021/ND-CP dated January 26, 2021 of the Government detailing a number of contents on management quality management, construction and maintenance of construction works.

Check the suitability of the construction contractor’s capacity compared to the bid documents and construction contract, including: human resources, construction equipment, specialized construction laboratories, and management systems. quality management of construction contractors;

Check the contractor’s construction methods against the approved construction method design. Approve the comprehensive safety plan and detailed safety measures for specific jobs with high risk of unsafe labor in construction;

Review and approve the following contents:

Plan to organize experiments, inspections, inspections, tests, trial runs, monitoring and measuring technical parameters of the project according to design requirements and technical instructions;

Measures to check and control the quality of materials, products, components, and equipment used for the project; construction methods;

Project construction progress;

Plan for inspection and acceptance of construction work, acceptance of construction stages or parts (items) of construction works, acceptance of completed construction items and construction works;

Comprehensive safety plan according to the contents specified in Appendix III of Decree No. 06/2021/ND-CP dated January 26, 2021, detailed safety measures for jobs at risk of loss High labor safety has been identified in the comprehensive safety plan;

Inspect and approve materials, components, construction products, and equipment installed in the project;

Inspect and urge construction contractors and other contractors to carry out construction work at the site according to the requirements of the construction design and construction progress of the project;

Supervise the implementation of regulations on safety management in construction works; Supervise safety measures for neighboring constructions and construction monitoring;

Recommend that the investor organize design adjustments when detecting errors or unreasonable design;

Request the contractor to temporarily stop construction when it is deemed that the quality of construction does not meet technical requirements, construction methods are not safe, or violate regulations on labor safety management, causing accidents to occur. or there is a risk of labor accidents or incidents causing unsafe work; preside over and coordinate with relevant parties to resolve problems that arise during the construction process and coordinate to handle and overcome problems according to the provisions of this Decree;

Check and evaluate test results of materials, structures, construction products during construction and other relevant documents for acceptance; Check and confirm as-built drawings;

Organizing control experiments and quality inspection of construction parts and construction items;

Carry out acceptance work according to regulations; Check and confirm completed construction volume;

Carry out other contents according to the provisions of the construction contract.

Inspection and supervision during construction, including:

Inspect and monitor construction methods and safety measures for each job of the construction contractor compared to approved measures. In case the construction method is not consistent with reality, the supervision consultant must request the contractor to make appropriate corrections or propose other alternative measures as a basis for the construction contractor;

Regularly and systematically inspect and supervise the process of construction contractors carrying out work at the site. Inspection results must be confirmed in the construction logbook.

Confirm as-built drawings.

Organize acceptance of construction works according to the provisions of the Construction Law and related Decrees and circulars.

Gather and check documents for acceptance of construction work, construction parts, installation stages, equipment acceptance, and acceptance of completion of each construction item; installation and completion of construction works.

Detect errors and unreasonable design to propose Party A to adjust or request the Design Unit to adjust.

Organize re-inspection of the quality of construction parts, construction items and projects when there are doubts about quality.

Take the lead in coordinating with relevant parties to resolve problems that arise during construction.

Supervision of project construction volume:

Supervise construction works according to the volume of the approved design.

The supervising engineer calculates and confirms the construction volume that the construction contractor has completed according to time or construction phase and compares it with the approved design volume as a basis for acceptance and payment. According to the Contract.

The supervising engineer calculates the volume arising outside the approved design and project estimate and sends it to Party A to report to the investment decision maker for consideration and decision.

The supervising engineer is responsible before the law when making false confirmations, overstating the volume or colluding between participating parties leading to falsification of the payment volume.

Monitoring project construction progress:

Check the contractor’s preparation of construction progress before starting construction. Construction progress must be consistent with the construction contract schedule and the total approved project schedule. The content of progress inspection includes: List of tasks included in the schedule; volume of each type of work; technological solutions and comparison of economic and technical indicators; Reasonable length of construction time; Evaluate the reliability of progress.

Monitor and supervise project construction progress; If necessary, Party A is requested to make adjustments to meet the total approved schedule.

Supervising labor safety on construction site:

Supervise the construction contractor to fully implement safety measures for people and construction equipment on the construction site.

Check written agreements on safety measures when work involves multiple parties.

Require construction contractors to publicly display safety measures and safety regulations on the construction site for everyone to know and comply with. In dangerous locations on the construction site, the construction contractor is required to arrange guides and warnings to prevent accidents.

Inspect and supervise labor safety work on the construction site.

Remind construction contractors and relevant parties to regularly inspect and monitor labor safety on the construction site.

To propose to the Investor to suspend construction when detecting violations of labor safety. People who allow violations of labor safety within their scope of management must be held responsible before the law.

Check labor safety training certificates for workers. For some jobs that require strict labor safety, the Contractor must be determined not to use workers who have not been trained and have not been instructed on labor safety.

Construction environment monitoring:

Check the Contractor’s implementation of environmental measures on the construction site and protect the surrounding environment, including measures to prevent dust, prevent noise, treat waste and clean up the site. Require the Construction Contractor to take measures to cover, water, clean up waste and bring it to the designated place.

Inspect and monitor the implementation of environmental protection by construction contractors.

Propose to the Investor to suspend construction and request proper implementation of environmental protection measures when the Construction Contractor does not comply with environmental protection regulations.

Confirmation of construction diary and acceptance of the project:

Check and confirm electronic construction log: The contractor must fully prepare the basis to deploy confirmation of electronic construction log (electronic signature – CA Sign) on the IMIS 2.0 program of the Electricity Group Vietnamese forces. Applied according to Decision 631/QD-EVN dated April 20, 2022 of Vietnam Electricity Group Regulations on implementing electronic construction logs and electronic acceptance records on Construction Investment Management software – Vietnam National Electricity Group applies from April 20, 2022.

Regulations on project acceptance:

The contractor must fully prepare the basis to deploy electronic acceptance (electronic signature – CA Signing) on the IMIS 2.0 program of Vietnam Electricity Group. Applied according to Decision 631/QD-EVN dated April 20, 2022 of Vietnam Electricity Group Regulations on implementing electronic construction logs and electronic acceptance records on Construction Investment Management software – Vietnam National Electricity Group applies from April 20, 2022.

Comply with regulations on construction quality management.

Consulting on supervision and inspection of acceptance documents, including:

Check documents based on acceptance, attached documents, and implementation volume

Check the corresponding construction log.

If the application meets the requirements, update your consent to move to the next step. If the documents do not meet the requirements, notify the contractor to supplement the documents.

Field inspection: Supervising consultant conducts field inspection according to the content of acceptance work, takes acceptance photos and evaluates (pass/fail) each inspection job and uploads images on EVN’s Construction Construction Management Program. If all acceptance tasks pass: move on to the next step. CA Signing Archive.

If there is unsatisfactory work, the supervision consultant refuses to let the contractor fix the error.

After correcting the problem, the contractor digitally signs the acceptance record: The supervision consultant checks the overall contents of the record and digitally signs the acceptance record.

– Steps for acceptance during construction:

According to the provisions of the Construction Law and related regulations.

Acceptance of each job, each part, each phase, each construction item, acceptance and putting the project into use. Particularly hidden parts must be accepted and as-built drawings drawn before proceeding with the next work;

Acceptance will only be accepted when the subject of acceptance has been completed and has all required documents as prescribed.

The project will only be accepted and put into use when it meets design requirements, ensures quality, and meets prescribed standards.

Preparation and storage of project acceptance documents: Project acceptance documents include 3 types:

Acceptance of work;

Acceptance of construction parts, acceptance of construction phase;

Acceptance of completed items and acceptance of the project into use.

Responsibilities of construction supervision contractors:

– Comply with the Regulations on construction supervision and project acceptance in Decree 06/2021/ND-CP dated January 26, 2021 of the Government detailing a number of contents on quality management and construction. construction and maintenance of construction works and Circular No. 10/2021/TT-BXD dated August 25, 2021 of the Ministry of Construction detailing a number of contents on quality management and maintenance of construction works build.

– Arrange qualified engineers according to regulations to perform the duties of chief supervisor and other supervisory positions.

– Prepare an organizational chart and supervision outline including tasks, powers, and obligations of supervisory positions, planning and quality control processes, inspection and acceptance processes, and management methods. Manage relevant records and documents during the construction and installation supervision process.

– Supervise construction and installation according to the requirements of the economic contract, outline approved by the investor and current legal regulations on quality management of construction works.

– Acceptance of work performed by construction and installation contractors according to the requirements of the economic contract.

Implemented right from the construction and installation of the project until acceptance, energization and operation.

Regularly and systematically during construction and installation.

Supervise construction works in accordance with approved construction designs, applicable standards, technical regulations, regulations on management and use of construction materials, technical instructions and construction contracts.

Honest, objective, not self-interested.

Based on the equipment supplier’s installation instructions.

Coordinate with construction technical staff to promptly detect errors and prevent incorrect designs, standards, construction technical procedures and installation instructions from the supplier.

Supervising consulting engineers are not allowed to concurrently carry out the work of the construction organization or project design organization they are in charge of.

Supervising consulting engineers are responsible for creating favorable conditions for the Contractor to carry out construction and installation on schedule and ensure quality, and must be responsible before leadership and the law if found to be irresponsible. , lacking objectivity or intentionally making mistakes while performing tasks.

Be responsible before the law and compensate for damages caused by your fault during the construction and installation process.

The contractor strictly complies with the regulations on construction quality management stated in Decree 06/2021/ND-CP dated January 26, 2021.

During the construction quality management process, special attention should be paid to the following contents:

+ The contractor must establish a quality management system and policy so that the investor can approve the quality management system and policy in writing. The quality management system and policy must be notified to entities involved in the construction quality management process.

+ When accepting the excavation of foundation holes, the contractor needs to report to the investor and request the design contractor’s author supervision to be present and confirm whether the topographic conditions and geological description are consistent with the topographic conditions. Geology has been calculated in the technical design.

+ Personnel participating in the Contractor’s supervision must strictly control the construction process, ensure the construction process complies with approved construction organization measures, and install equipment according to instructions. approved techniques and instructions from material and equipment manufacturers.

+ The contractor checks the contractor’s personnel participating in the construction, checks the equipment and machinery the contractor brings in to serve the construction in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

Estimated time for experts to start performing consulting services: According to construction progress.

Report and implementation time:

Periodic reports include: Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual reports and extraordinary reports at the request of Party A on the progress and quality of the project (with attached form) for the Owner. private.

The work contents within the scope of supervision work that have not been agreed upon in this document will be discussed by the Supervision Consultant with the Investor to promptly resolve to meet work needs.

Responsibilities of the Investor:

Notify the Supervision Consulting Contractor 5 days before the construction date to allow the Contractor to prepare.

Organize the handover of construction landmarks, landmarks and premises.

Provide the supervision consulting contractor with relevant documents and texts as follows:

Copy of the decision approving the construction design implemented after the basic design of the project.

02 sets of construction drawing design documents for construction items and related technical documents for the Contractor to carry out supervision to ensure quality and progress.

Contracts related to construction and equipment installation contractors.

Provide VTTB supply progress and documents related to equipment installation.

Supervise, inspect and urge the consulting contractor to supervise contract implementation.

Work with the Contractor to provide supervision and consulting to resolve problems during the implementation of the Contract.

Receive the results of the Contractor’s handover documents. Provide feedback so that the Contractor can make amendments to the documents (if not appropriate) in accordance with regulations.

Pay the Contractor the amounts specified in the Contract.

Acceptance of Contract payments to the Contractor.

Some images of completed acceptance and putting the project into use

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