The Korean group is among the top 500 global companies investing in renewable energy in Vietnam

In addition to investing in Cam Lam solar power plant in Khanh Hoa province with a capacity of 100 MW, operating since June 2019, Hanwha Group is currently implementing the Hai Lang LNG Power Center project.

Tập đoàn Hàn Quốc thuộc top 500 công ty trên toàn cầu đầu tư năng lượng tái tạo tại Việt Nam

Recently, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien had a meeting with CEO of Hanwha Energy Group (Korea), Mr. In Sub Jung related to many issues of investment and development of energy in Vietnam. Vietnam.

According to Mr. In Sub Jung, Hanwha is a multi-faceted business enterprise and is always in the group of strong Korean enterprises as well as in the list of the world’s top 500 companies. In the field of renewable energy, Hanwha Group has invested in a 100 MW Cam Lam solar power plant in Khanh Hoa province and put it into operation from June 2019.

In early 2022, the joint venture including Hanwha, KoGas, KOSPO of Korea and T&T Group of Vietnam was granted an investment certificate for the Hai Lang LNG Power Center Project, phase 1 – 1,500. MW in Quang Tri.

In Sub Jung emphasized, Hanwha Group has initially affirmed its role in developing energy projects and contributing to Vietnam’s energy transition.

In addition to using clean LNG fuel, the Group’s projects will contribute to minimizing impacts on the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring environmental criteria according to the commitments of the Group. Vietnam at COP26.

Also at the meeting, Minister Nguyen Hong Dien informed that, with the Prime Minister’s statement at COP26, Vietnam will commit to achieving the goal of net zero emissions – Net Zero by 2050, which is a challenge. big. Recently, many international corporations, organizations and businesses have come to learn about Vietnam’s views and roadmap in the field of renewable energy development.

Vietnam has been active in electricity planning in the direction of reducing thermal power, increasing renewable energy and rationally developing gas power.

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